CS Ed Week 2023

CS Ed Week CodeJoy Student Sessions!
January 3, 2024 by
CS Ed Week 2023
CodeJoy, Susan Willems

CodeJoy is excited to participate in the 2023 CS Ed Week! As you may know, we’ve already announced several FREE Student Sessions (see our Events page for sign up information), but we’re also dedicating our December 6th and December 8th Student Sessions to this year’s CS Ed Week!

Ms Haley’s 4th grade Greene County Elementary students banded together on November 7th to join Elby in the CodeJoy Haunted House.

In November, our FREE Robot Haunted House Student Sessions proved to be wildly successful, serving 695 students and 31 teachers in only three Sessions! Students engaged with our spooky robots with 1,823 unique codes and kept Matt the Robot very busy with over 8,800 chats!

This December, we’re excited to bring two Robot Rovers Sessions to students from all over the country on December 6th and December 8th at 1:30PM ET. These Sessions are free to the public and are currently packed full - But keep an eye on the Events page for more FREE Student Sessions throughout the year! 

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