Coding. Cardboard. Robots.

Interactive Student Sessions

During our live, virtual sessions, we teach students to code motors, LEDs, and sensors. Then, their code controls our cardboard robots, live! Through our video system, we can engage a single classroom or a whole school. No hardware or software needed – just an internet connection!

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Creative Robotics Hardware

We can help you and your team evaluate your classroom's robotics hardware needs from our recommended hardware partners. Once your hardware needs are identified, we can provide you a competitive quote for that hardware, and even bundle hardware, teacher professional development, and student sessions together!

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Teacher Professional Development

Educators from any discipline can learn to use robots authentically in their classroom. We specialize in reaching teachers who are new to coding, meeting them at their level, and connecting projects to their classroom. All PD is delivered via live video.

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Initiative Planning/Delivery

Partner with us to create a tailored educational experience that aligns perfectly with your goals. Our team specializes in curating a comprehensive package that includes Professional Development (PD), engaging student performances, and state-of-the-art hardware. We are committed to crafting a customized rollout strategy that not only meets but exceeds your unique learning objectives. Let us be your guide in enhancing educational outcomes and fostering an environment of success in your institution.

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We are proud to be trusted by our partners

Our mission is to ignite a new generation of creators by eliminating barriers and inviting everyone, everywhere in the world to explore robotics and coding.