CodeJoy Spotlight: Unveiling Our CSforALL Commitment Story

January 31, 2024 by
CodeJoy Spotlight: Unveiling Our CSforALL Commitment Story
CodeJoy, Susan Willems

We are thrilled to share a momentous achievement with our CodeJoy community – our story has been featured as the first CSforALL Commitment Story of 2024. Originally written in May 2023, this exposure piece provides a look into CodeJoy's unwavering commitment to democratizing computer science education.

This feature showcases our dedication to inclusivity, breaking down barriers to make computer science accessible to all. The partnership with CSforALL has been instrumental in amplifying our impact, enabling us to reach a broader audience and contribute significantly to the world of computer science education, and we can't wait to continue the adventure!

A LOT of Updates!

As you can imagine, with it now being January 2024, we've had a LOT of updates since May of 2023. Here are just a few!

Educators Served

We served over 1,000 educators with our Intro to Micro:bit, Intro to Hummingbird, Intro to Finch Robot, and Python + Micro:bit PD courses!

Students Served

Those 1,000+ educators will ultimately serve over 78,000 students! And CodeJoy served hundreds of students and teachers with 300+ Student Shows!

Hardware Shipped

We shipped over 3,500 robotics kits to serve those 1,000+ educators and their students!

Made Possible By:

Our Trusted PartnersInfosys Foundation USA, Iowa STEM Scale Up Program, Maryland CS PD Week, Iowa CS PD Week, as well as various school district partnerships!

Read the Article!

Join us in celebrating this milestone and read the CSforALL Commitment Story here. Thank you for being part of CodeJoy's journey as we continue to shape a brighter future through accessible and inspiring computer science education.



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