CodeJoy, Salesforce, and U Can Too Connect Students Across Continents to Live Code Robots at World Economic Forum

U Can Too's Su Adams and CodeJoy.Live at work during the 2024 World Economic Forum!
April 12, 2024 by
CodeJoy, Salesforce, and U Can Too Connect Students Across Continents to Live Code Robots at World Economic Forum
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In a remarkable display of global collaboration at the 2024 World Economic Forum, students from Davos, Switzerland, and Palanpur, India, joined forces to tackle climate action using the power of technology. This unique project was spearheaded by Su Adams, Founder and Computing Curriculum Specialist at U Can Too, and facilitated by the CodeJoy.Live platform. On January 15, 2024, in an unprecedented event using  climate action themed diorama robots made by the Davos students and powered by BirdBrain Technologies’ Hummingbirds, students transcended geographical boundaries and showcased the potential of technology to foster meaningful connections and empower young minds. What makes this initiative truly remarkable is that the students in Palanpur actively controlled the Davos robots in real-time through code, fostering a global exchange of ideas and innovation, highlighting the importance of collaborative efforts in addressing pressing global issues.

The initiative stemmed from Davos Codes, a program within the Salesforce Climate Action Lab, which aims to connect students globally and provide them with opportunities to engage with environmental issues local to them. In 2023, a partnership with Automation Anywhere led to the inclusion of a school in Palanpur, but distance posed a challenge in creating truly impactful engagement. Enter CodeJoy!

Su's visit to the CodeJoy studio in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania sparked an innovative idea: allowing Palanpur students to remotely control robots created by their Davos counterparts using CodeJoy.Live. “I saw how the CodeJoy platform works, I saw the studio. And I was instantly thinking, well, actually those don't have to just be controlled by the students in Davos. Those creations can now be controlled by the students in Palanpur, and a win-win way to involve them,” she recalled. This eliminated the need for physical travel while fostering a unique connection across thousands of miles. "They could actually share a project essentially across 6,000 miles. I mean that's insane," Su exclaimed, highlighting the excitement surrounding this unprecedented collaboration.

See the moment, after a bit of time lag due to the 6,000-mile distance, that Palanpur students actually see their code of the Davos students' robots come alive, live on screen!

The project wasn't merely about showcasing robots; it aimed to empower students, regardless of their background or prior computing experience, to become agents of change. Through initiatives like Davos Codes and Climate Action Labs, students have tackled issues like water pollution and air quality, even leading to real-world policy changes. Su recalls the impact of the projects, “[...] it's not that we're saying ‘look at how terrible the world is,’ it's more that we're saying ‘let's see what observations we can make. And what we can do to change that.’” This instills a sense of responsibility and empowers students to see themselves as drivers of positive change.

CodeJoy's inclusion added a layer of excitement and interactivity that wouldn't have been possible otherwise. "That was one of the things that really drew me to CodeJoy and using that platform,” Su shared, emphasizing the platform's unique value. “It was something that hadn't been done before." CodeJoy transformed the event from potentially serious into an engaging and joyful experience, proving that coding can be both educational and fun.

The impact on the students was undeniable. The project boosted their confidence in coding and broadened their understanding of its potential to address global issues. It fostered a sense of responsibility towards the environment and encouraged them to collaborate across diverse backgrounds. As Su puts it, the connection with Palanpur students added "lots of value in lots of different ways," creating a truly enriching experience for everyone involved.

This project serves as a beacon of hope, demonstrating how technology can bridge geographical divides and empower young minds to tackle pressing global challenges. CodeJoy is committed to continuing this journey, connecting students worldwide and working towards a cleaner, greener future. We are incredibly grateful to Su Adams for her vision and collaboration in bringing this world-changing project to life. See more of Su’s amazing work by checking out her socials: 

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