2023: Looking Back on Milestones and Magic

A Year in Review, and What's Next for CodeJoy!
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2023: Looking Back on Milestones and Magic
CodeJoy, Susan Willems

What a phenomenal year it's been for CodeJoy! Filled with creativity, learning, and exciting milestones, 2023 has been a whirlwind of innovation and impact. We're thrilled to share our journey with you as we gear up for an even more exhilarating 2024.

2023: A Year of Milestones and Magic

We launched into the year with ABC CREATE L.E.A.D.S. Professional Development Sessions and wrapped up its impactful first season with wildly successful Student Sessions. We then explored the exciting future of education at ISTE, ITEC, and CSforAll, while engaging tens of thousands of students through Student Session partnerships like Pocono Mountain, Alexander County, Voices Against Violence, and many more, showcasing the power of virtual interactive live shows that spark the imaginations of children of all ages.

Spring sprung into action with a whirlwind of planning for a summer overflowing with learning adventures! As June blossomed, we dove into the Infosys Foundation USA: Pathfinders Summer Institute PD Sessions, where over 350 educators across the country embarked on exciting journeys with the highly acclaimed BBC micro:bit: Project Trix curriculum and the teacher-favorite Intro to Hummingbird Robotics Kit. July brought another milestone – the electrifying introduction of Python into our curriculum, unlocking a whole new world of possibilities for creative coding projects!

The summer wasn't just about new technology; it was also about welcoming the fantastic Amanda Jeane Strode to our team. Her impact was immediate, from her superb planning for our summer PD Sessions to the launch of our first ever, incredibly successful, CodeJoy Make-A-Thons! Amanda Jeane's passion for learning and innovation continues to propel our curriculum forward, and we're thrilled to have her joining our team full time in the new year.

October and November saw Robot Haunted House and Robot Memories enthrall students nationwide through the announcement of FREE Student Sessions sponsored by Yours Truly! Finally, as we close out 2023 with the launch of the CT Lieutenant Governor's Computing Challenge, CS Ed Week, and another season with ABC CREATE L.E.A.D.S., we're filled with gratitude for all we've accomplished and brimming with excitement for the future.

2024: Gearing Up for Unprecedented Growth and Impact

Get ready for an exhilarating ride into 2024! CodeJoy is gearing up for a year of unprecedented growth and impact, and we can't wait to share some exciting updates with you.

A New Home for Innovation

In the spirit of progress, CodeJoy is moving into a dynamic new studio space—a haven for creativity, collaboration, and groundbreaking ideas. This space is more than an office; it's where innovation meets inspiration. Our new surroundings will fuel our passion to craft cutting-edge educational experiences that transcend boundaries.

Expanding Our Team and Reach to Create a World of Accessible Learning

To better serve educators and students globally, we're looking forward to expanding our team with bright minds and diverse talents. As we step into 2024, we aim to join forces with passionate individuals and build a team who believes in our collective mission to position CodeJoy to bring top-tier coding and robotics education to everyone everywhere, expanding our impact in virtual education and beyond. Join us on this exhilarating voyage as we propel into the future, unlocking the potential of learners worldwide!

Thank you for being part of our incredible 2023 journey, filled with memories, innovation, and the joy of learning. We're grateful for your support and partnership, and we can't wait to continue making a difference together. Stay tuned for the adventure, because the next chapter is set to be a game-changer.

Happy Holidays from the CodeJoy Team!

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